Another World Is Possible

The idea is the same for the WEF and the WSF: shape globalization. While the first tries to impose it, the second creates it from below.

Every year, during the WEF in Davos, there is also an alternative summit – the World Social Forum –┬átaking place somewhere in the world. The goal of the WSF is to create a world where people matter more than profit. Continue reading

Education, what Education?

“Education is the biggest challenge facing human beings” in a race between “education and catastrophe”.

Inspired by the Youth, Skills and Work initiative I would like to think about what our youth needs to learn at school. Continue reading

Languages Lost

Migration and our globalized world makes us hear foreign languages all the time. Our impression of linguistic diversity is misleading though, there are less and less languages in the world.

Our century might turn out to be one of large loss in linguistic diversity. Researchers believe that of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, only half will probably make it Continue reading

All Quiet On The World Front

There must be less and less important things happening in the world. Or is it that we are less interested, maybe?

Watch the following TED talk about international news coverage in the US.

The number of foreign correspondents has not only been reduced in the US. Similar cuts have been made in Great Britain.

The European Journalism Observatory goes even as far as to cover the question if foreign correspondents are becoming redundant? Continue reading