“Do You Know what Kind of Paper You are Using?”

InterviewSometimes, fighting on the ground is not enough – you have to find allies in other parts of the world.

On Thursday 16th of November I got a chance to meet Aidil Fitr, Muslim Rasyid y Hariansyah Usman. The three environmental activists from Sumatra, Indonesia have been fighting for years against the paper industries in their home regions. Right now they are Continue reading

Public Eye Award 2012: the Worst of the Worst Company

The next World Economic Forum is coming up and so it is time to start thinking about Public Eye Award Nominations.

Last year Barclays, Samsung and Freeport McMoran sweared they are good and not harming anyone. Barclays – betting on food and therefore making people starve all over the planet – was not convincing enough and won the Jury award for the most harmful company in 2011. Continue reading

The Yes Men Save the Arctic

To change the world you need some good sense of humour – that’s what we learn from the Yes Men.

Their latest coup: exposing what Shell really is doing with our climate. Their fake Shell ads and videos are a successful prank on one of the most ruthless companies active today. Continue reading

Revolution According to Greenpeace

Greenpeace is positive by saying: “The Energy [R]evolution will pay off in savings and jobs”. Besides, it solves the problem of Climate Change.

Here in Spain more than 50% of young people are unemployed, a similar situation begins to show in other European areas. What we need is jobs – and green energy. Continue reading

Green Green China

China is where things are happening these days. What is true for industry can also be applied to agriculture.

And there are some good news: Greenpeace just published that China announced to draft a proposal to keep their rice free of genetically engineered (GM) seeds. Continue reading

We are Watching You

Sometimes we can only chose between bad and worse. This is one of these cases.

Yesterday, voting for this year’s Public Eye award started. But stop, don’t click away because you think: yet another publicity prize. It is one indeed, but believe me, it’s bad publicity. Continue reading


As yet another climate distaster comes to an end, it might be time we all become a little more climate aware – or maybe even climate radicals – since a climate deal is still far away.

It is incredible what the neologism factory has come up with over the last years in the field of climate. We are very used by now to the terms of climate change and climate talks, but climate fascism and climate war still sound new in our ears. Nevertheless, it is quite probable that these terms will stick around since we are not getting closer to a solution to the climate problem. Let us have a look at the new and climate notions:

Continue reading

I Might Need a New Phone

Blackberry, Xperia, Iphone, Nexus – new phones and types are popping up faster and faster. How can we even keep up the pace?

We are living in a time where right next to paper and glass recycle containers you can also find one for your cellphones. Continue reading

The New Warrior

Greenpeace just inaugurated its very new Rainbow Warrior III. The world’s most famous ship – after the Titanic – is back and ready to protest.

The Rainbow Warrior III is “the world’s first crowd-funded, purpose-built, hyper-efficient activist sailing vessel.” Over a year Greenpeace has been collecting money to build the new flag ship. You can see how the ship looks from the inside Continue reading

We are All Friends of the Earth

Three big environmental organizations, three anniversaries in one year. It is time to have a closer look at Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of the Earth.

If you look at this amazing interactive timeline you will realize how these three organizations have had a huge impact on both our policy and public opinion. Continue reading