Those Pushing the Green Button

Change needs good leaders. People who use their position, charisma and resources to fight for what they believe in, a better future for our planet.

The Huffington Post is looking for the top game changers, people who “whether working in the spotlight or under the radar, are changing how we look at the world and the way we live Continue reading

New Events Coming Up

More outstanding photo journalism, birthdays and a day for intercultural dialogue are on the menu for today’s update on the event section.

Right now in Perpignan, France (not far from Barcelona) the Visa pour L’image festival is taking part. It is an international festival for Photojournalism. Besides exhibitions Continue reading

What Happened So Far

From time to time it is good to look back and see what has changed since we last looked at a certain topic. So here are some updates on Kosmos 9 stories from the past:

Let us start with some very good news. Greenpeace did it! They have successfully convinced not only Puma and Nike but at last also adidas that it is better to detox. Remember when we talked about how the clothing industry is leaving our planet full of toxic substances? Continue reading

Toilet Matters

Today another tale of the want- to-be environmental wo/men and the challenges which keep you from it. Today: the toilet paper.

Wow, so you are still reading, respect! Maybe it is because you have been in a similar situation. Picture this: Me in the middle of the BIGGEST supermarket you can find here in Buenos Aires where the toilet paper aisle is longer than my appartment. But when I shyly ask: Continue reading

The Insatiable Hunger for Oil

Something even the outstanding band Radiohead speaks out against in public must be important, right? The tar sand project is showing just how big our need for oil is and how little we care about the environment.

if you are thinking: What were tar sands again? I will quickly explain you. Tar sands are a “mixture of sand, clay, water, and a dense and extremely viscous form of petroleum.” The largest quantities can be found in Venezuela and Canada. Since it is really hard to retrieve the oil from the sands it was not considered part of the oil reserves until recently. Since we are running low on oil the industry has reconsidered.

So good so far. Now, what is the problem with those sands? Continue reading


Let’s be honest: there are no unlimited resources of water. So we better keep the bit we have clean, right?

Greenpeace just launched a campaign to save water. The pollution of rivers, lakes and the sea has reached incredible levels and is influencing the health of people, animals and plants all over the world.

Especially water pollution by the different industries is not acceptable. They add tons and tons of heavy metals, solvents, toxic sludge and other waste into our waters. Continue reading