What is Wealth Anyway?

In Buthan they collect data on Gross National Happiness rather than Gross Domestic Product.

Real wealth has no money flow until humans impose one.” The same goes with happiness. We all know that money doesn’t make people happy, but still we believe that Continue reading

Comida Viva

Health is much more than just the absence of symptoms. It means having access to energy and happiness to live a fulfilled life.

That is one of the key ideas of the living foods movement. Since I started a formation in this way of life, I will share my experience with you on Kosmos 9 in the following weeks. Continue reading

Happy Happy Happy

Happiness – what was that again? Since we all want to be happy, let us see where people take that amazing emotion from.

In Germany, the Atlas of Happiness has just published this year’s numbers. Apparently, Germans are as happy as they have not been in a long time. According to this survey, only (?!) 10 % of the Germans are really unhappy. The positive news are that the “Glücklücke” (happiness break) between Eastern and Western Germany has been reduced. Continue reading

Day 1: Consumption

Day one of the No Impact Week is over and the first challenge for week has started: Do not buy anything.

So today is all about realizing that we tend to buy so many things we actually do not need. This means as a consequence that as part of the project we will not buy anything – except food – for the week.

The No Impact Week proposes you to Continue reading