We Sue You

Companies can now bring governments to court. At who’s expense?

IPS writes that “in a world where governments are increasingly subservient to global finance capital, multinationals are gaining ground in the fight against state regulations that aim to protect the environment, public health or social policies.” So for all of those thinking that things are slowly but surely getting better Continue reading

Soy or Not Soy; That Is The Question

“So what do you eat?” is the number one question for vegans and vegetarians.

What people with a little imagination usually picture are dishes in which meat and fish are replaced by soy products – or worse: where there is only a bit of salad left on the plate. The truth is: soy burgers and textured soy protein are Continue reading

Equality is Better for Everyone

Let’s imagine for a moment that there is a simple solution to most of the problems our societies have these days. Let’s call this solution equality.

It’s not my idea really, even if it does seem quite logical to me. It is however the main idea of a booked called The Spirit Level. Who is behind the book? It’s the same man who said that if Americans want to live the American dream, they better move to Denmark.

The New York Times has been asking this week: “Is the US still a Land of Opportunities”?

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Ready for SuperFoods?

Food and health are tightly linked. Usually these links are negative, though: bad food habits causing diabetes and all the ugly stuff which comes with it.

It is the third week into the Living Food experience. This week’s topic are the Superheroes amongst the groceries: superfoods. Superfoods are the exact opposite to hamburgers, pizza (even though that apparently counts as vegetables now) and fries. The living food experts believe that they can actually help us live healthy and even get our health back if we suffer from diseases.

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As If There Was No Tomorrow

Have you ever thought about changing to a healthier and more environmentally friendly diet? Today is your big chance.

Second week of the Living Food experience. This time we went green in the real sense of the word. I’m just going to say that the food I’m introducing to you today has been seen as the perfect food in China for over 2000 years. Continue reading

Comida Viva

Health is much more than just the absence of symptoms. It means having access to energy and happiness to live a fulfilled life.

That is one of the key ideas of the living foods movement. Since I started a formation in this way of life, I will share my experience with you on Kosmos 9 in the following weeks. Continue reading

Food Definitely Rules

Michael Pollan has one outstanding rule about food: whatever your grandma would not have recognized as such, is not food.

Which means that for example mashed potatoes is food, whereas weird shapes of fried potato derivates are not. “Michael Pollan’s Food Rules began with his hunch that the wisdom of our grandparents might have more helpful things to say about how to eat well than the recommendations of science or industry or government.” Continue reading

Is Organic Food Only for the Rich?

I keep coming across notions like: “yes, but poor people don’t have the means to buy organic”. Are the 1% also holding the monopoly on good food?

You might say yes. Most people cannot afford organic. If you go to the supermarket, the bio brand will cost more than the conventional. Yes. But is it all really that simple? Let us have a closer look. Continue reading

War of the Sexes – I

I’m curious to find out who is – in general – friendlier towards the environment: men or women?

We will start with a big minus on the female side. There are some products only we women use and there are a couple of issues around them (men: keep reading, it might be helpful to know about these things). Continue reading