A Scary Merger

More control? What if the most powerful companies in the world become even more powerful?

The call it thebiggest company you never heard of.” But soon you will hear about it because its becoming even bigger. Next month we will hear about a impressive merger in the business world: the one of Anglo-Swiss multinational mining company Xstrata and the Swiss Continue reading

Free Tibet!

Tibet is not free. It’s not even autonomous even if that’s part of it’s official name. Who is going to do something about it?

My blog is already censored in China (meaning inaccessible) for which reason I don’t think this title will be much of a problem. How can it be anyway? It could be if I was Chinese and living in China. There, the topic Tibet is still as hot as anything and you better don’t mention it. Luckily, I’m not Chinese because I happen to be thinking about that little mountain region with the famous monks. Continue reading

Phony Business

Yet again it was time to look inside the products we buy and discover the ugly truth about them.

Luckily, I hadn’t planned to buy a new phone anytime soon before watching the documentary Blood in the Mobile. In that documentary I learnt about Blood Minerals and how big companies don’t care about small boys working in mines. Here’s the story: Continue reading

Silence in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, “gay” is possibly about to become an unspeakable word.

“They did it. Conservative lawmakers in Saint Petersburg just passed the notorious “propaganda” law to silence any reading, writing, speech or debate on anything ‘gay'”, the social movement AllOut.org reports. Continue reading

No More Running Free

Enough is enough. It’s time companies are put on a leash. If not, they continue ignoring Human Rights and the environment.

Around fifty Swiss organizations – amongst which Amnesty International Switzerland, Solidar Swiss, Berne Declaration Greenpeace and the International Comission of Jurists –  are fed up with the way companies which are based in Switzerland are behaving in the world. Continue reading

We Are Not That Bad, Really!

Companies don’t like when you mess with their image. That’s why five of the six nominees for the Public Eye Award reacted on it.

Let’s see how they try to legitimize their behaviour. To wrap up quickly, the six companies were nominated as the worst cases of contempt for the environment and human rights. Continue reading

Transparency in the Supermarket

Today we are talking about the empowerment of buyers, the abuse of purchasing power and ecological standards. Ready?

The German food retailing is known to be the toughest market in the world. Prices have to be literally beaten down if one wants to stay in business. Slogans like “Keiner ist billiger” (Nobody is cheaper) and “Geiz ist geil” (Stinginess is cool) are all over the place. On the other side of the picture are the producers, the workers and the suppliers; they are the ones who pay the price. Continue reading

Homophobia is (not yet) So Yesterday.

Homophobia is a reality so many LGBTQI people are facing every day in the world. It is a vicious and dangerous cycle of supression and fear.

“Gay and lesbian teens are 3 times more likely to report a history of suicidality and more than twice as likely to report symptoms of depression than their heterosexual counterparts.” says Medscape News. Continue reading

An Ear for an Ear

To kill or not to kill is actually a question. Unfortunately it is not asked often enough. Did you know the Death Penalty still exists?

Have you seen the movie The life of David Gale? It is about a professor who is executed even if he is innocent. Now look at the numbers on the left, doesn’t that leav you with a bad feeling in your stomach? Continue reading