The Richest People in the World

How about thinking beyond money for once? This list is not about Dollars.

The (en)rich list is another kind of list than the Forbes one. Both are, however, looking at the wealthiest people in the world. This one combines the people with the most world-changing ideas. It was put together by the Post Growth Institute. Continue reading

Do it Yourself

People all around the world are finding amazing creative solutions to their problems. It is time to give them credit.

Those every day inventors are going to be the stars of the new Makeshift Magazine.Makeshift Magazine is a new print and online publication that’s combing the world to find creativity in unexpected places.” Continue reading

Worth Investing

Today I would like to introduce two things: A way of fundraising for good causes and an amazing project by a brave Muslim woman.

Kickstarter “is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.” The page helps people find others who believe in their projects. Be it films or documentaries or Continue reading

Postcard from Africa

What is your image of Africa? Have you ever thought about it?

Glen participants from all over Europe try to make you do exactly that. They want you to make your own idea and share it. Send a postcard from Africa telling your – or someone else’s – story. Together we can change the image this beautiful continent has in our minds.

“If you have ever thought that there is probably something else in Africa than poverty, hunger and war, then you are right here. Continue reading

Collaborative Consumption

How many of you have books and movies at home that you do not actually use anymore, but can’t really throw away?

Check out this wonderful introductory TED-talk into collaborative consumption and get some amazing good ideas on how to reduce consumption and feel good about it. It goes far beyond sharing books, and I am sure we can come up with some more.