Seven Revolutions

In which fields is the world going to change the most over the next 15 years? The Center for Strategic and International Studies has the answer

and speaks of seven revolutions. Apparently, we are having exciting times ahead of us. The Center is trying to promote that leaders leave the short-sighted thinking behind and look at the greater Рnot to say sustainable Рpicture. Continue reading

All Quiet On The World Front

There must be less and less important things happening in the world. Or is it that we are less interested, maybe?

Watch the following TED talk about international news coverage in the US.

The number of foreign correspondents has not only been reduced in the US. Similar cuts have been made in Great Britain.

The European Journalism Observatory goes even as far as to cover the question if foreign correspondents are becoming redundant? Continue reading

What about the Whistleblowers?

The German newspaper TAZ writes on how Italian journalism “is only there to fill the gaps between advertisements“. How bad is the situation of journalism nowadays?

The fact that nowadays journalists cannot survive on their wages – a problem present not only in Italy – is not the only issue newspapers encounter.

Freedom of press is a given fact in the western world, one may think. Reality looks a bit different. Continue reading