Let’s Share

Kosmos 9 is proud to become part of the Creative Commons movement.

There are certain things which belong to humanity as a whole: the commons. They give the name to the creative commons’ idea. “Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig initiated the ‘Creative Commons’ movement to encourage individuals to offer their creative works for others to legally build upon and share – Continue reading

Seven Revolutions

In which fields is the world going to change the most over the next 15 years? The Center for Strategic and International Studies has the answer

and speaks of seven revolutions. Apparently, we are having exciting times ahead of us. The Center is trying to promote that leaders leave the short-sighted thinking behind and look at the greater – not to say sustainable – picture. Continue reading

A Generation of Changemakers

Dear Swiss people (and those closeby): do not miss this event. Euforia – a generation of changemakers – is organizing this year’s imp!act.

Imagine five days fully packed with action and information all around the idea of making a change. Euforia is following the idea that “you’re never too young to make a difference.” Continue reading

Do it Yourself

People all around the world are finding amazing creative solutions to their problems. It is time to give them credit.

Those every day inventors are going to be the stars of the new Makeshift Magazine.Makeshift Magazine is a new print and online publication that’s combing the world to find creativity in unexpected places.” Continue reading