Poor You!

Finally there is humanitarian aid for Europeans! An African NGO brings humaneness to Italy – which given the recent events is in dire need.

Italy has been repeatedly in the news for racism lately. The African workers in Italy – be it in vegetable plantations in Southern Italy or elsewhere – are one of the main targets of the Italian xenophobia.

Hardly any Italians would tell you that the workers coming from the far South are good for the country – even if none of them would like to do the jobs the Africans do. A very contrary view is the following: Continue reading

Women Back to the Kitchen

“If not now, when?” Italian women have been asking this year repeatedly. Is the change of political leader a change towards more respect and promotion of women?

Reading the Italian papers one would not think so. Journalist Camillo Langone recently published an article on Libero Quotidiano which he titled “Togliete i libri alle donne: torneranno a far figli”, meaning take the books away from women so they turn back to having children. Continue reading

Moving Movies

Watch out for these movies which will be in theaters very soon. They sound promising: African immigrants arriving in Italy vs. an Italy without immigrants.

Mainland (Terraferma): Italian Writer-Director Emanuele Crialese tells the personal story of Italians encountering African immigrants on a small Italian island. “The film contrasts Italy’s traditional humanist values to inhuman new laws aimed at stemming illegal immigration and insists it’s morally imperative to rebel against them.” says a review from the Venice Film Festival. More about the movie you can find on tiff.net. Continue reading

H to the O

The story of water is much more than just what you drink every day. But because you DO drink it every day, it is worth thinking about. Today: the water industry.

There are definitely some people out there who can explain the problem with water better than me, so please give this smart lady 8 minutes of your life: Continue reading

What about the Whistleblowers?

The German newspaper TAZ writes on how Italian journalism “is only there to fill the gaps between advertisements“. How bad is the situation of journalism nowadays?

The fact that nowadays journalists cannot survive on their wages – a problem present not only in Italy – is not the only issue newspapers encounter.

Freedom of press is a given fact in the western world, one may think. Reality looks a bit different. Continue reading