We Sue You

Companies can now bring governments to court. At who’s expense?

IPS writes that “in a world where governments are increasingly subservient to global finance capital, multinationals are gaining ground in the fight against state regulations that aim to protect the environment, public health or social policies.” So for all of those thinking that things are slowly but surely getting better Continue reading

Ecocide is a Crime

Politics has failed so far to safe the planet. Should we turn our head towards law to finally come up with a solution?

The Earth Law activist Polly Higgins writes about how that could be possible and more in her new book Earth is Our Business. Changing the Roles of the Game.

First of all, Polly Higgins is a lawyer and during her practice in that job she started to take on an unsual client: she wanted to represent the Earth. However, she soon had to discover that there was a lack of law to base her work on. Law does not protect the Earth. Continue reading

Silence in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, “gay” is possibly about to become an unspeakable word.

“They did it. Conservative lawmakers in Saint Petersburg just passed the notorious “propaganda” law to silence any reading, writing, speech or debate on anything ‘gay'”, the social movement AllOut.org reports. Continue reading

Future Justice

Imagine somebody would voice up for future generations and keep politicians accountable for their promises.

The World Future Council is an organization which is worried about the future of our planet. That is why they propose to introduce a ombudsperson to big political meetings like G20 or G8. Continue reading

Now You Can Tell

The United States are proving themselves as an example lately in implementing Equal Rights. One could also say they are doing what was long due.

The law which banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military – commonly known as “Don’t ask don’t tell” – will now be officially repealed. The bill will be certified by the Pentagon today and after a 60 days’ period the law will be fully changed. The CNN has posted a history of “Don’t ask don’t tell” from Clinton’s half promise to Obama’s fulfilled one.

There is a nice documentary about what “Don’t ask don’t tell” actually means Continue reading

Urban Hunters & Gatherers

People already throw away a LOT of food. But what about supermarkets? And why don’t we care more about this?

Check out the documentary Dive!, which will take you into the world of dumpster diving. It is all about re-using things that other people throw away.

We trash things others cannot even afford buying. You will be amazed by how much that actually is. Bin-diving wants to point out this waste of things; it has its own philosophy and is constantly in conflict with the law. (but how can re-using trash be against the law, Continue reading