Diversity Pays Off

Today is the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. Unfortunately, that is still necessary.

In Britain, according to Stonewall “nearly one in five lesbian and gay people, almost 350,000 employees in Britain, have experienced bullying from their colleagues because of their sexual orientation.” Other numbers coming from Australia say that 52.8% of the participants of the servey “have been the subject of harassment or discrimination in their current employment. ” Now these’s are definitely not the most homophobic countries in the world which means we have a problem here. Continue reading

Through the Lense

A period in time can be analyzed by the documentaries which are produced in it.

I picked out a couple of documentary films which have recently been released and which I personally will put on my “To Watch List”. Anti-Homosexual bills, adictive dreams and the downsides of wind energy amongst other stories. Continue reading

Let’s Give a Damn

Today, the Argentinian LGBTQI community is celebrating. Life can be sometimes hard for them. Do you give a damn?

Walking around the Marcha del Orgullo – Gay Pride Parade – in Buenos Aires today I realized: all these people are living their problems behind, just for one day. Problems which do exist. More in the gay and lesbian community than elsewhere. More in Latin America than elsewhere. Continue reading

Progress All Around

Things are getting better for the community of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer and Intersex – and now we also know why this usually goes as lgbtqi.

President Obama is showing himself from a very pro-lgbtqi angle by publishing his agenda for lgbt rights. As Care2 points out, he has done many outstanding commitments to the community like hosting the “first ever LGBT Pride reception at the White House” or repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – policy. Continue reading

Tango for Three

Did you know children’s books can be banned? Even if the book is about something as harmless as penguins.

The book And Tango Makes Three is inspired by the real story of Roy and Silo, two penguins living at New York’s Central Park Zoo. Having been a couple for a while, they wanted to have a family and ended up with a daughter, Tango. Continue reading

Homophobia is (not yet) So Yesterday.

Homophobia is a reality so many LGBTQI people are facing every day in the world. It is a vicious and dangerous cycle of supression and fear.

“Gay and lesbian teens are 3 times more likely to report a history of suicidality and more than twice as likely to report symptoms of depression than their heterosexual counterparts.” says Medscape News. Continue reading

Climate Change, Blogs and Gossip

These days journalism does not work without mentioning some prominent people every now and then.

So Kosmos 9 goes with the flow and presents the people category. We are proud to introduce our first star: Joe Romm.

His blog Climate Progress has become one of the most important Continue reading

Now You Can Tell

The United States are proving themselves as an example lately in implementing Equal Rights. One could also say they are doing what was long due.

The law which banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military – commonly known as “Don’t ask don’t tell” –¬†will now be officially repealed. The bill will be certified by the Pentagon today and after a 60 days’ period the law will be fully changed. The CNN has posted a history of “Don’t ask don’t tell” from Clinton’s half promise to Obama’s fulfilled one.

There is a nice documentary about what “Don’t ask don’t tell” actually means Continue reading