Open the Borders

The question is: how far are we willing to go to make the world better for everyone?

That is always and definitely a good basis for discussion. If you want to make the argument even more heated, introduce this idea to your next talk: eradicate poverty by eliminating borders. Continue reading

All Those Immigrants Everywhere

You know how people always complain that there are too many immigrants? Next time you can just tell them that their perception is actually fooling them.

The New York Times recently titled “Perceptions of Migration Clash With Reality”. The article analyzes the recent World Migration Report published by the International Organization for Migration and finds that “citizens estimate that there are as many as three times the number of immigrants living there than is actually the case.” The difference in perception is especially high in the USA, Canada, Italy and Britain. Continue reading

Languages Lost

Migration and our globalized world makes us hear foreign languages all the time. Our impression of linguistic diversity is misleading though, there are less and less languages in the world.

Our century might turn out to be one of large loss in linguistic diversity. Researchers believe that of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, only half will probably make it Continue reading

Cinema, Migrants and Integration

It is hard to keep up with all the amazing festivals happening in Buenos Aires. Next up: Cinemigrante – Festival International de Cine. It is right now and it is for free!

Cinemigrante is however much more than a film festival, it covers different levels of education and art on Human Rights and Migration topics. Its main objective is Continue reading

Refuged or Not?

The largest refugee camp in the world, Dadaab in Kenya, has attracted the international attention only this year. The catastrophical living conditions in the camp have been existing for years though.

The refugee camp close to the border to Somalia has been built in the 1990ies and been growing in numbers ever since. The idea of “full” does not apply to a refugee camp. Continue reading

Surprising Europe

A new TV series shows how the experience “Europe” really is for African immigrants. Surprising, often heart-warming but also frightening stories told by the immigrants themselves.

The series “Surprising Europe” has nine episodes and will go on air this month: from July 8th you can see the show in Dutch Television (Ned 2, or later on Uitzending Gemist), and from August onwards you can also find the show on Al Jazeera English.

It is more than a TV series, Continue reading