A Fair Buy

We all know our products have a history. They are produced by people in an environment and by the use of resources.

That gives you a certain responsibility to take these aspects into account when you buy a product. That makes it rather complicated. Now, I have finally come across a tool which helps you to look Continue reading

Giving Green Light

Cycling is the greenest way of getting from A to B. Here’s a way of making it even a little bit more environmental – and user – friendly.

If you live in the Netherlands you love your bike and you love cruising on the never-ending bike paths. Besides, you have learned that it is compulsory to equip your bike with lights in order not to end up with a fine. Continue reading

Vegetarian Butcher

The Hague’s Vegetarian Butcher just won the Triodos Hart-Hoofd Prize. Reason enough to have a look at the unique shop and the idea behind it.

De Vegetarische Slager is what the name says, a butcher without meat. How do we have to imagine it? Their idea is to dedicate a store to meat substitutes the way they are usually dedicated to meat. Continue reading

All You Can Eat

Imagine picking your own fruit just next to where you live. Do you think that is not possible because you live in a city? Pluk de Stad proves you wrong.

The idea is coming from Utrecht in the Netherlands, where a couple of young people realized that there is so much edible food going to waste around them. Besides, they would like to show that we are not depending on food which is shipped in from the other side of the world causing tons of CO2 emissions. Continue reading

Movies That Matter

Besides the documentaries I usually talk about, there are also many movies which should totally be seen by as many people as possible. Let’s collect some ideas.

Movies that matter” is a Dutch foundation related to Amnesty International showing “movies that open eyes”. All the movies proposed are concerned with Human Rights’ topics. They also organize a festival every year in March in The Hague.

I got inspired by this idea and wanted to create a Kosmos 9 list of movies that matter. With your help of course. Here are my propositions: Continue reading

Global Disappearing

There are some people who simply cannot afford not to take Global Warming seriously. For example because their country might not exist any more in a very short time.

The documentary There once was an island tells the story of the Polynesian community of Takuu. “As a terrifying tidal flood rips through their already damaged home, the Takuu community experiences the devastating effects of climate change first hand.” This means that they have to take the hardest decision of their life: Continue reading