It is Time for a Staycation

No money to go on holidays? Or maybe you are simply fed up with the stress of travelling? It is time to stay at home.

The answer to all your problems is simple: a staycation. It is fun, it’s relaxing, it is adventurous but without the big bugdet and the stress of catching planes and trains and being stuck in traffic jams. Continue reading

You are not Changing the World.

One week after the No Impact project I am finally facing the critique. Does going green make sense at all?

Gernot Wagner from the New York Times just recently wrote an editorial titled Going Green but Getting Nowhere. Starting of by saying – provokingly – you can go as green as you want, “just know that it won’t save the tuna, protect the rain forest or stop global warming.” Continue reading

From No Impact to Low Impact.

So this is it for the No Impact Week. I walk up to 10 km a day, drank no hot drinks and hardly any hot food, ate local, had short showers and of course did not buy anything.

You might be thinking “so what?” and pointing out that our No Impact really had no impact on the world (more on that topic coming soon!). But it did. For us who participated it has changed a lot. I will keep on doing a lof the distances by foot, simply because I realized its faster. I will keep on buying local and keep the level of waste down. Continue reading

Day 6: Water

The No Impact week is getting close to the end. It is time to save our most precious resource: water and to share our good spirit.

Do you still remember how much water you are wasting every day? Maybe it is time to re-take the test and check your water-footprint. The idea behind the test shows nicely how all the topics of the No Impact Week are interconnected: consumption, waste, transport and food are not only all directly causing a lot of energy consumption but are also high on water waste. Continue reading

Day 5: Energy

Have a look around. How many things besides your computer are sucking energy out of the supply right now? By living without them you realize how many of them you actually have.

Today’s challenge is about exactly that: turning off anything which uses energy – including your computer, your lights and your cell phone. Ready? Continue reading

Day 4: Eating

The No Impact Week is getting tough: reduce the impact of your food choices. The motto is simple. Make it as vegan, local, organic and seasonal as possible!

And since tomorrow it is going to be even harder: reduce the energy consumption, it makes sense to think about how to combine the two things. Do you know how much fossil fuels are needed to produce your diet? Make the test “Is my lunch causing Global Warming?” to find out. Continue reading

Day 3: Transport

Today: “change your mode of transportation to have the least impact possible”. In other words: move your feet! 

Following the idea of “Burn calories, not fossil fuels” today is all about alternatives to cars, trains, buses and whatever loud things we usually use to get from A to B. And maybe, just maybe, also about realizing that sometimes there is no need to go to B. Continue reading

Day 2: Trash

Not buying anything is not so hard for a week. But the second challenge which started today is tricky: not producing any waste.

The idea is to see how unnecessary are all the things we throw into the trash-bin every day. In other words, it means taking responsability and control of the amount of waste we produce. What happens to the things when we dispose of them? Continue reading

Day 1: Consumption

Day one of the No Impact Week is over and the first challenge for week has started: Do not buy anything.

So today is all about realizing that we tend to buy so many things we actually do not need. This means as a consequence that as part of the project we will not buy anything – except food – for the week.

The No Impact Week proposes you to Continue reading

Kosmos 9 goes No Impact

Many of you might know No Impact Man from his book or the documentary. Starting tomorrow will be your chance to make a step towards your own personal No Impact Lifestyle.

The Yes! magazine is organizing the No Impact Week starting Sunday September 18. It means Continue reading