Green Thailand

Organic food, vegetarianism and green lifestyle are still not so common in Thailand.

That things are about to change I figured out at the 5th Green Fair at Chulalongkorn University, which was held from 9-12 February.

The Bangkok Post – the biggest Thai newspaper in English – wrote about the Fair: “We can all do our bit to save the world Continue reading

What You Wear is Who You Are

Reading other blogs is an inspiring an enriching task. Recently I stumbled over posts on how to choose sustainable and ethical clothing.

Whenever I buy, let’s say a new computer (don’t worry, it doesn’t happen that often), I do a thorough research taking all aspects into account: quality, price, how things are produced and what the company stands for.

I would love to do the same for clothes. But how do I go about? Continue reading

Is Organic Food Only for the Rich?

I keep coming across notions like: “yes, but poor people don’t┬áhave the means to buy organic”. Are the 1% also holding the monopoly on good food?

You might say yes. Most people cannot afford organic. If you go to the supermarket, the bio brand will cost more than the conventional. Yes. But is it all really that simple? Let us have a closer look. Continue reading

Day 4: Eating

The No Impact Week is getting tough: reduce the impact of your food choices. The motto is simple. Make it as vegan, local, organic and seasonal as possible!

And since tomorrow it is going to be even harder: reduce the energy consumption, it makes sense to think about how to combine the two things. Do you know how much fossil fuels are needed to produce your diet? Make the test “Is my lunch causing Global Warming?” to find out. Continue reading

Jungle of Labels – Save the Animals

My second post about labels will show you which labels protect animal rights. Meaning helping to preserve endangered species and ethically treatment of animals.

The organisation greener choices can help you in case you have doubts about a certain label. They have a large database and you can find out what is behind the label.

Now let me introduce you to some animal welfare labels: Continue reading

Jungle of Labels – ORGANIC

I am starting the “Buy Better” section here and I will introduce you to the world of product certification. Today we go bio.

The world of organic labelling is probably one of the most complicated ones. What does it actually mean? Biological or organic farmed products (fruit, vegetable, cereal or animal products, etc) are made without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified organisms, and probably some other unnatural practices. The animals producing meat, eggs or milk are Continue reading


Finally, there is a package-free store for food. In.gredients fights the waste production.

The idea of In.gredients is simple: ZERO WASTE. Why not reusing glass bottles, plastic containers and all the other stuff we costantly throw away?

Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle. The new shopping experience goes as follows: Continue reading