“Do You Know what Kind of Paper You are Using?”

InterviewSometimes, fighting on the ground is not enough – you have to find allies in other parts of the world.

On Thursday 16th of November I got a chance to meet Aidil Fitr, Muslim Rasyid y Hariansyah Usman. The three environmental activists from Sumatra, Indonesia have been fighting for years against the paper industries in their home regions. Right now they are Continue reading


Trees Down the Toilet

Now, be honest: how many layers has your toilet paper?

Grist recently reported that “we’re now using more trees for toilet paper than for newsprint.” What is true for the US is most probably not very different from other western countries – and it’s definitely not only due to the slowly dying newspaper industry. Continue reading

Bag it

News from the plastic bag front. There is a new documentary out there asking “is your life too plastic?”

This movie got it all. It tells us more about the plastic bags we are trying to avoid and the politics behind it. It also goes into the recycling topic. Finally, you will get more on how plastic is destroying our oceans and how it is bad for health. Continue reading

Save as WWF, Save a Tree.

The WWF format is a PDF which cannot be printed out. Clever, huh? Now you can keep others from killing trees.

The idea is simple. If you want to send a PDF to someone but you feel bad if they print it out, WWF has the answer for you.

The WWF format is a small programme which lets you save your files in a unprintable way. You can download the programme here.

There are quite some other possibilities to impose a certain sustainable lifestyle on the people surrouding you. What about Continue reading