The Way to Go

The Estonian city Tallinn is way ahead of the rest of the world: in 2013 it will be the first capital city with free public transport.

Free transport is a nice way of encouraging people to leave their cars at home – or even better, don’t buy a car. Continue reading

Oceans Going Sour

No fish, no corals and no dolphins. That’s what the future will look like if the increasing of the ocean’s acidification continues.

Ocean’s chemistry is seriously in danger thanks to man-made climate change. “Ocean acidification is associated with several massive extinctions of marine life in that period of Earth’s history, and now presents a growing threat”, timesunion reports. Continue reading

ปั่น เมือง – Bike the City

Looking at the crazy traffic in Bangkok, you would not possibly think about getting a bike.

But maybe that would be just the answer. As this fellow netizen is proposing: “go ahead, it has been done before.” And if you can cycle in Buenos Aires, Bangkok should definitely be doable! Continue reading

Poison for Locals, Minerals for Us

Children are dying in Nigeria thanks to one of the most valuable thing on Earth: gold.

Zamfara, a state in the North of Nigeria has a lot of gold. But the price to get it out is high. Lead poisoning in the area has already killed at least 500 children. Many more are struggling for their survival. Continue reading

Climate Killer Banks

How bad is your bank doing as far as global warming is concerned? Are they full of empty promises or full of promising actions?

The question is: “private banks are the first to claim to fight climate change – but do they put their money where their mouth is?”. A group of NGOs know offers us an answer – or better, a rating of the dirtiest banks out there.

If your money is with one of the big banks, you can already start worrying now; it’s likely yours might be within the ranking you are about to see. Continue reading

What Happened Next in Ecuador?

Remember the documentary Crude? Let’s find out how the story of the Amazon people against Chevron continued.

For those who are not familiar with the case: Chevron (early known as Texaco) used horrific practices to extract oil in Ecuador. For over three decades, their presence in the Ecuadorian Amazon has brought Continue reading

Growing Growing Growing

We grow, the buildings around us grow and so do the piles of books and other things we own. The thing is, growth has its limits.

Inspired by a series of articles in which TAZ discusses the limits to growth, I will be looking at what happend to the idea in 40 years. Continue reading

Once is Not Enough

I am definitely a freak. Disposable stuff freaks me out. Whenever I get to a party or a get-together I don’t really know what to do.

Of course I’m not allergic to plastic. Rather, I simply cannot stand the idea of something being used just that one time. At the parties we eat on disposable plates with disposable cutlery and drink from disposable glases. My – and I’m sure also your – grandparents would probably cry seeing that kind of waste.

But really, isn’t the disposable lifestyle just about what is common today? Continue reading

Black Century

The clash of civilisation is real. But usually civilisation clashes with the environment and with local communities. It is a fight called progress.

But progress is often simply another name for the insatiable hunger for oil. It is a clash happening all over the world. Are you ready to watch it? Continue reading

How is Your Waste Doing?

What is your relationship with waste? Do you think you do not have any? Well, think again and then read on.

The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP has published a report on waste. It is a visual reminder of how much we produce.

The report nicely points out “the word ‘waste’ is related to the way we behave in the context of the Continue reading