A Scary Merger

More control? What if the most powerful companies in the world become even more powerful?

The call it thebiggest company you never heard of.” But soon you will hear about it because its becoming even bigger. Next month we will hear about a impressive merger in the business world: the one of Anglo-Swiss multinational mining company Xstrata and the Swiss Continue reading

Ready for May 12?

It’s time for change. That’s the main idea behind May 12. Are you ready?

For those of us who somehow lost track of the Occupy Movement over the last months, the upcoming event on May 12 is a good opportunity to get back on the street and stand for a better world. Continue reading

Let’s Share

Kosmos 9 is proud to become part of the Creative Commons movement.

There are certain things which belong to humanity as a whole: the commons. They give the name to the creative commons’ idea. “Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig initiated the ‘Creative Commons’ movement to encourage individuals to offer their creative works for others to legally build upon and share – Continue reading

The Strength of a Lady

Things are happening in Burma. Apparently, the country is finally opening up. Luc Besson’s film is a good way to catch up on history.

For those of us who haven’t really been following the life story of Aung San Suu Kyi, The Lady is definitely a good start for learning about this remarkable woman. The French-English film depicts the life of the Burmese freedom fighter: from being the daughter of the father of Burmese independence to her youth in India and England, and finally her non-violent fight for the democratization of Burma. Continue reading

Planting Protest

There are so many ways to protest and initiate change. Since there is no greener thing than plants, let us have a look at how rebellious gardening can be.

The motto of Guerilla Gardening is “Let’s fight the filth with forks and flowers.” It is an active way of protesting against – but also changing – the grey and bleak environments our cities have become. Continue reading

We Have a Voice

Do not let yourself be blinded. The world might seem complex, inert and immutable. But we can change it.

Remember when people from all over the world started to write to George Clooney asking him to do something about the unfair working conditions to produce his Nespresso coffee? Continue reading

The New Warrior

Greenpeace just inaugurated its very new Rainbow Warrior III. The world’s most famous ship – after the Titanic – is back and ready to protest.

The Rainbow Warrior III is “the world’s first crowd-funded, purpose-built, hyper-efficient activist sailing vessel.” Over a year Greenpeace has been collecting money to build the new flag ship. You can see how the ship looks from the inside Continue reading

We are All Friends of the Earth

Three big environmental organizations, three anniversaries in one year. It is time to have a closer look at Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of the Earth.

If you look at this amazing interactive timeline you will realize how these three organizations have had a huge impact on both our policy and public opinion. Continue reading

Here We Are.

You might or might not have heard about it, but the world is about to change. The current occupation of the Wall Street might just as well be the beginning of something good.

You are wondering who is out there occupying the Wall Street? Media coverage has been very low so far and what has been written is rather critical: They call them anti-capitalist, frustrated young people and a disorganized movement. Continue reading