A Scary Merger

More control? What if the most powerful companies in the world become even more powerful?

The call it thebiggest company you never heard of.” But soon you will hear about it because its becoming even bigger. Next month we will hear about a impressive merger in the business world: the one of Anglo-Swiss multinational mining company Xstrata and the Swiss Continue reading


And The Winners Are…

Joseph Stiglitz said yesterday that awards like Public Eye can make a big difference.

He was present when the outcome of the votation was announced in Davos. Unsurprisingly, the 2012 winners are: Continue reading

We Are Not That Bad, Really!

Companies don’t like when you mess with their image. That’s why five of the six nominees for the Public Eye Award reacted on it.

Let’s see how they try to legitimize their behaviour. To wrap up quickly, the six companies were nominated as the worst cases of contempt for the environment and human rights. Continue reading

We are Watching You

Sometimes we can only chose between bad and worse. This is one of these cases.

Yesterday, voting for this year’s Public Eye award started. But stop, don’t click away because you think: yet another publicity prize. It is one indeed, but believe me, it’s bad publicity. Continue reading