What Happened Next in Ecuador?

Remember the documentary Crude? Let’s find out how the story of the Amazon people against Chevron continued.

For those who are not familiar with the case: Chevron (early known as Texaco) used horrific practices to extract oil in Ecuador. For over three decades, their presence in the Ecuadorian Amazon has brought Continue reading

Jungle of Labels – Save the Animals

My second post about labels will show you which labels protect animal rights. Meaning helping to preserve endangered species and ethically treatment of animals.

The organisation greener choices can help you in case you have doubts about a certain label. They have a large database and you can find out what is behind the label.

Now let me introduce you to some animal welfare labels: Continue reading

Save as WWF, Save a Tree.

The WWF format is a PDF which cannot be printed out. Clever, huh? Now you can keep others from killing trees.

The idea is simple. If you want to send a PDF to someone but you feel bad if they print it out, WWF has the answer for you.

The WWF format is a small programme which lets you save your files in a unprintable way. You can download the programme here.

There are quite some other possibilities to impose a certain sustainable lifestyle on the people surrouding you. What about Continue reading