Where to Be a Woman

What awaits you if you’re growing up in India, in Russia or in Canada respectively?

The life a woman lives is highly determined by the place she grows up in. A look at the Trust Law ranking G20 countries: the worst and the best for women. Continue reading

The Richest People in the World

How about thinking beyond money for once? This list is not about Dollars.

The (en)rich list is another kind of list than the Forbes one. Both are, however, looking at the wealthiest people in the world. This one combines the people with the most world-changing ideas. It was put together by the Post Growth Institute. Continue reading

Climate Killer Banks

How bad is your bank doing as far as global warming is concerned? Are they full of empty promises or full of promising actions?

The question is: “private banks are the first to claim to fight climate change – but do they put their money where their mouth is?”. A group of NGOs know offers us an answer – or better, a rating of the dirtiest banks out there.

If your money is with one of the big banks, you can already start worrying now; it’s likely yours might be within the ranking you are about to see. Continue reading

Giving Time

Volunteering means giving away your time for free, voluntarily and for a beneficial cause. Do you know in which country people donate the most time?

Dressing ourselves as giant sharks and teaching children about the downsides of tuna industry is really just one of innumerable ways of investing your time into a good cause. Continue reading

How is Your Waste Doing?

What is your relationship with waste? Do you think you do not have any? Well, think again and then read on.

The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP has published a report on waste. It is a visual reminder of how much we produce.

The report nicely points out “the word ‘waste’ is related to the way we behave in the context of the Continue reading

No Country for Women

If you are a woman – or ever plan on living with one – read carefully. This might influence your future.

We all know that there is no real equality between men and women in today’s world. What is also sure, is that there are countries which are a little closer to achieving equality than others. Continue reading

Jungle of Labels – ORGANIC

I am starting the “Buy Better” section here and I will introduce you to the world of product certification. Today we go bio.

The world of organic labelling is probably one of the most complicated ones. What does it actually mean? Biological or organic farmed products (fruit, vegetable, cereal or animal products, etc) are made without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified organisms, and probably some other unnatural practices. The animals producing meat, eggs or milk are Continue reading

Cities who care

Solidar, a Swiss organisation for a more just and equal world, has made a rating of the biggest Swiss cities about their global responsibility.

The report analyzes the commitment to development cooperation, fair working conditions (rules of action), facilitation of Fair-Trade and the importance of education. The two basic questions are “Which Swiss municipalities act economically responsibly?”, and “Which Swiss municipalities show solidarity with developing and emerging countries?” Continue reading