Less Stuff, More Happiness

It’s all about “more” these days. Best if this “more” comes wrapped in lots and lots of plastic.

Why is it so hard to reduce the stuff we surrounded with? All the things laying around where we live, that accumulates everywhere and that never really seems to dissapear. Continue reading

Trees Down the Toilet

Now, be honest: how many layers has your toilet paper?

Grist recently reported that “we’re now using more trees for toilet paper than for newsprint.” What is true for the US is most probably not very different from other western countries – and it’s definitely not only due to the slowly dying newspaper industry. Continue reading

I’ll Give You Mine for Some of Yours

When I was a child I used to exchange stickers with my friends. It’s time to rediscover the joy of swapping.

The Good Magazine recently asked: “What if vending machines became a fresh way to reuse, recycle, and trade with people in your community?” Continue reading

Peter Panism for our Economy

Whenever somebody asks me: “So what else?” when I voice critique on the neoliberal system, I find it hard to respond. It is time to learn more about alternative systems.

Oil is running out, the planet is suffering, nature and human beings are sick and it’s all thanks to one part of the planet – where people really are only concerned about buying the newest gadgets.

All of this calls out for the fight on progress. It is time for a new paradigm: degrowth. Continue reading

Need a Ride?

Carpooling, what most of you German readers will find to be perfectly normal, might surprise people from other parts of the world: why not sharing rides with perfect strangers?

But really, the idea is not stupid at all. Let’s break it down: millions of people drive alone in their cars everyday. The funny thing is that many of them drive into the exact same direction. Shouldn’t it be possible to coordinate it somehow and share the ride? Continue reading

Please Don’t Buy our Products if You Don’t Need Them

Usually brands are bad. But there is one out there others could learn a lot from. A lesson on sustainable business.

Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia‘s mission is to “build the best and cause no unnecessary harm”.

With the footprint chronicles they have introduced an outstanding level of transparency of their products. It allows you to “track the impact of a specific product Continue reading

You are not Changing the World.

One week after the No Impact project I am finally facing the critique. Does going green make sense at all?

Gernot Wagner from the New York Times just recently wrote an editorial titled Going Green but Getting Nowhere. Starting of by saying – provokingly – you can go as green as you want, “just know that it won’t save the tuna, protect the rain forest or stop global warming.” Continue reading

From No Impact to Low Impact.

So this is it for the No Impact Week. I walk up to 10 km a day, drank no hot drinks and hardly any hot food, ate local, had short showers and of course did not buy anything.

You might be thinking “so what?” and pointing out that our No Impact really had no impact on the world (more on that topic coming soon!). But it did. For us who participated it has changed a lot. I will keep on doing a lof the distances by foot, simply because I realized its faster. I will keep on buying local and keep the level of waste down. Continue reading

Day 1: Consumption

Day one of the No Impact Week is over and the first challenge for week has started: Do not buy anything.

So today is all about realizing that we tend to buy so many things we actually do not need. This means as a consequence that as part of the project we will not buy anything – except food – for the week.

The No Impact Week proposes you to Continue reading

Oceans of Waste

We are still on our surfing holiday, so here comes the Surfers’ Special, Part Two.

Imagine that you are paddling into the best wave ever and that is when you get hit by an empty paint bucket or your hands get caught up in a lost fishing net.

Do you think that won’t happen? Well, think again. The oceans are becoming oceans of waste and your favourite beach won’t be spared.

If you don’t believe it Continue reading