New Year’s Aftermath

This morning I woke up by the ear-battering sound of an air-blower in the street right in front  of the window.

“Of course”, I thought, “this is what you get”. When – after a short moment of acoustic peace – the street-cleaning car started patrolling, I knew it was time to get up and write a post.

Yesterday, New Year, is definitely the day of littering. The streets have in a very short time transformed from being jam-packed with Christmas lights to being blotched by left overs of fireworks and firecrackers. Continue reading

Where to Live Green

I was wondering which are the greenest cities in the world. Here are some candidates:

A list by Grist puts Reykjavik (Iceland, in the picture) as number one, followed by Oregon (US) and Curitiba (Brazil). Do you wonder why?

“Reykjavik has been putting hydrogen buses on its streets, and, like the rest of the country, its heat and electricity come entirely from renewable geothermal and hydropower sources and it’s determined to become fossil-fuel-free by 2050.” Oregon gets points for its rural planning, including green building initiatives, biking and running infrastructures. Curitiba, on the other hand, scores 3rd because of sheep Continue reading