The Richest People in the World

How about thinking beyond money for once? This list is not about Dollars.

The (en)rich list is another kind of list than the Forbes one. Both are, however, looking at the wealthiest people in the world. This one combines the people with the most world-changing ideas. It was put together by the Post Growth Institute. Continue reading

We Want More More More

That there’s something wrong with the 1% – 99% division in our world is obvious.

But apparently, rich people are unethical on many more levels. Maybe that’s why the richer get richer and the poor stay poor?

A new psychological study by the University of California in Berkeley shows that the richer the people, the more they tend to cheat, lie and steal compared to poorer people. Continue reading

Is Organic Food Only for the Rich?

I keep coming across notions like: “yes, but poor people don’t┬áhave the means to buy organic”. Are the 1% also holding the monopoly on good food?

You might say yes. Most people cannot afford organic. If you go to the supermarket, the bio brand will cost more than the conventional. Yes. But is it all really that simple? Let us have a closer look. Continue reading