Chocolat – Sinfully Delicious

Chocolate is a compliacted sin. And for once this is not about the weight we might gain from enjoying it – this is about the dark side of our favourite sweet.

Most of the chocolate we consume is produced in Africa – strangely enough we like to call it “Swiss” or “Belgian” Chocolate. I can tell you that there’s no chocolate plantations in either of those countries. Rather, chocolate grows in Western Africa in countries like Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire or Liberia – rather conflict-struck countries. Continue reading

The Truth About Orange Juice

We drink orange juice because it is a natural alternative to all those sugar drinks, right? Let us have a closer look at the orange delight.

“The leading orange juice companies tell us many stories about orange juice: it’s natural, it’s pure and simple, it’s squeezed from oranges grown on pristine looking trees. But they leave out the details about how most commercial orange juice is produced and processed.” Author Alissa Hamilton explains further: the notion of ‘not from concentrate’ is mainly a commercial trick used by the big juice companies. Continue reading


New update on Kosmos 9 topics: George Clooney drowned in letters from concerned Nespresso drinkers and rushhour in Jakarta.

News also on the fight for fair Nespresso coffee. According to Solidar, George Clooney has already received over 30,000 emails, urging him to use his position to change Continue reading

The Slave Next Door

Today’s post is dedicated to all those people, persons, who are living in conditions of slavery. They do exist and their lives are beyond the imaginable.

Im Mauretania were Slavery was officially abolished in 2008, it de facto still exists. But if anybody says that or tries to change that, he or she might very likely end up in jail. It is what happened to Bulkhair Ould Cheikh Dieng. The activist of the Mauretanian organisation IRA who fights to put and end to slavery has been sentenced to three months in jail for denouncing the state not acting upon a girl being hold as a slave. But that is just a story of so many, let us have a look around the world: Continue reading