Another God that Failed

There’s nothing good about parents struggling to feed their children, thousands of families becoming homeless, about competent teachers loosing their jobs and teaching without books.

There’s nothing good about rising xenophobia (i. e. Golden Dawn in Greece) and public health care being suddenly only for some of the citizens. Continue reading

You Got it!

What is the most precious thing you have? Isn’t it the time you have in this life? It’s the only real thing you can invest.

Time isn’t money. It’s much more important, more valuable. With time you can do anything. That’s why a bank for time seems much more valuable to me than the one which messed up our economic system.

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Think Bank

Are you like me, thinking that banks are part of the dark side? Luckily it does not have to be that way.

There are quite a lot of alternative banking solutions. Have a look at Triodos Bank, for example. Your money is going to be invested in environmental and organic businesses, social entreprises, microfinance, culture and ethical businesses. Does it sound good? Continue reading