Another God that Failed

There’s nothing good about parents struggling to feed their children, thousands of families becoming homeless, about competent teachers loosing their jobs and teaching without books.

There’s nothing good about rising xenophobia (i. e. Golden Dawn in Greece) and public health care being suddenly only for some of the citizens. Continue reading


Doing it Right

Moving gives you an amazing opportunity to finally do all the things you wanted to. 

Our new life in Spain started yesterday and it makes me think about how wonderful it is to get a chance to start over. This time, we will try to do things right from the start.

You know how you always think: “I should really recylce more thoroughly” or “I should buy my groceries at the farmer’s market”. A new start gives you the opportunity to get these things right in the first place. Continue reading

Here We Are.

You might or might not have heard about it, but the world is about to change. The current occupation of the Wall Street might just as well be the beginning of something good.

You are wondering who is out there occupying the Wall Street? Media coverage has been very low so far and what has been written is rather critical: They call them anti-capitalist, frustrated young people and a disorganized movement. Continue reading