Free Tibet!

Tibet is not free. It’s not even autonomous even if that’s part of it’s official name. Who is going to do something about it?

My blog is already censored in China (meaning inaccessible) for which reason I don’t think this title will be much of a problem. How can it be anyway? It could be if I was Chinese and living in China. There, the topic Tibet is still as hot as anything and you better don’t mention it. Luckily, I’m not Chinese because I happen to be thinking about that little mountain region with the famous monks. Continue reading

Poor You!

Finally there is humanitarian aid for Europeans! An African NGO brings humaneness to Italy – which given the recent events is in dire need.

Italy has been repeatedly in the news for racism lately. The African workers in Italy – be it in vegetable plantations in Southern Italy or elsewhere – are one of the main targets of the Italian xenophobia.

Hardly any Italians would tell you that the workers coming from the far South are good for the country – even if none of them would like to do the jobs the Africans do. A very contrary view is the following: Continue reading

The Business of Helping

Helping – why not spending your holidays somewhere in Africa doing good? Or maybe Haiti?

Voluntourism has become big business. People want to feel good about themselves and their holidays; besides, the so-called humanitarian work shows off well on CVs. Continue reading

Need a Ride?

Carpooling, what most of you German readers will find to be perfectly normal, might surprise people from other parts of the world: why not sharing rides with perfect strangers?

But really, the idea is not stupid at all. Let’s break it down: millions of people drive alone in their cars everyday. The funny thing is that many of them drive into the exact same direction. Shouldn’t it be possible to coordinate it somehow and share the ride? Continue reading

Slow Down Everyone

Today I would like to make a call for deceleration and the rediscovery of the slow. Let us reconquer our time.

The Slow Movement is officially declaring war on “time poverty“. They believe that we need to slow down if we want to be able to make connections again and give our life meaning. The Movement has many different faces: Continue reading

Day 3: Transport

Today: “change your mode of transportation to have the least impact possible”. In other words: move your feet! 

Following the idea of “Burn calories, not fossil fuels” today is all about alternatives to cars, trains, buses and whatever loud things we usually use to get from A to B. And maybe, just maybe, also about realizing that sometimes there is no need to go to B. Continue reading

What is Your Reality?

Do you believe in Climate Change? Do you know what Climate Change means in Ilulissat, in Tonga or Husavik? If not, it is time to find out!

24 Presenters, 24 Time Zones, 13 Languages, 1 Message is how the initiators of Climate Reality introduce their event. They further ask: “What can change in a day?” and answer simply: “EVERYTHING”. And that day will be September 14. Continue reading

Bring the World into your Living Room

How about teaching a young and interested person about the world you live in, your culture and your language, while at the same time learning about another culture without leaving your house?

It sounds terrific? Well, just host a foreign exchange student.

How does it work? Continue reading

Postcard from Africa

What is your image of Africa? Have you ever thought about it?

Glen participants from all over Europe try to make you do exactly that. They want you to make your own idea and share it. Send a postcard from Africa telling your – or someone else’s – story. Together we can change the image this beautiful continent has in our minds.

“If you have ever thought that there is probably something else in Africa than poverty, hunger and war, then you are right here. Continue reading