Trees Down the Toilet

Now, be honest: how many layers has your toilet paper?

Grist recently reported that “we’re now using more trees for toilet paper than for newsprint.” What is true for the US is most probably not very different from other western countries – and it’s definitely not only due to the slowly dying newspaper industry. Continue reading

The Thing with the Trees

So Christmas is over once again and the world is left with thousands of holes where once there were trees.

Besides, we also have new mountains of wasted wrapping paper (more dead trees). Isn’t it an incredible sustainable holiday?! Now, let’s be crazy for a moment shortly before the end of this – indeed – crazy year. Continue reading

Toilet Matters

Today another tale of the want- to-be environmental wo/men and the challenges which keep you from it. Today: the toilet paper.

Wow, so you are still reading, respect! Maybe it is because you have been in a similar situation. Picture this: Me in the middle of the BIGGEST supermarket you can find here in Buenos Aires where the toilet paper aisle is longer than my appartment. But when I shyly ask: Continue reading

Grassrooting Health

Nathalie Jeremijenko runs an environmental health clinic. People get prescriptions not for medicine but on how to improve the world they live in.

The basic idea behind the environmental health clinic is to see how health is dependant on external local environments and how it can be improved by changing exactly that. How does it work? Continue reading

Save as WWF, Save a Tree.

The WWF format is a PDF which cannot be printed out. Clever, huh? Now you can keep others from killing trees.

The idea is simple. If you want to send a PDF to someone but you feel bad if they print it out, WWF has the answer for you.

The WWF format is a small programme which lets you save your files in a unprintable way. You can download the programme here.

There are quite some other possibilities to impose a certain sustainable lifestyle on the people surrouding you. What about Continue reading