Urban Hunters & Gatherers

People already throw away a LOT of food. But what about supermarkets? And why don’t we care more about this?

Check out the documentary Dive!, which will take you into the world of dumpster diving. It is all about re-using things that other people throw away.

We trash things others cannot even afford buying. You will be amazed by how much that actually is. Bin-diving wants to point out this waste of things; it has its own philosophy and is constantly in conflict with the law. (but how can re-using trash be against the law, Continue reading


Finally, there is a package-free store for food. In.gredients fights the waste production.

The idea of In.gredients is simple: ZERO WASTE. Why not reusing glass bottles, plastic containers and all the other stuff we costantly throw away?

Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle. The new shopping experience goes as follows: Continue reading