Soy or Not Soy; That Is The Question

“So what do you eat?” is the number one question for vegans and vegetarians.

What people with a little imagination usually picture are dishes in which meat and fish are replaced┬áby soy products – or worse: where there is only a bit of salad left on the plate. The truth is: soy burgers and textured soy protein are Continue reading

What You Wear is Who You Are

Reading other blogs is an inspiring an enriching task. Recently I stumbled over posts on how to choose sustainable and ethical clothing.

Whenever I buy, let’s say a new computer (don’t worry, it doesn’t happen that often), I do a thorough research taking all aspects into account: quality, price, how things are produced and what the company stands for.

I would love to do the same for clothes. But how do I go about? Continue reading

Ready for SuperFoods?

Food and health are tightly linked. Usually these links are negative, though: bad food habits causing diabetes and all the ugly stuff which comes with it.

It is the third week into the Living Food experience. This week’s topic are the Superheroes amongst the groceries: superfoods. Superfoods are the exact opposite to hamburgers, pizza (even though that apparently counts as vegetables now) and fries. The living food experts believe that they can actually help us live healthy and even get our health back if we suffer from diseases.

Continue reading

Comida Viva

Health is much more than just the absence of symptoms. It means having access to energy and happiness to live a fulfilled life.

That is one of the key ideas of the living foods movement. Since I started a formation in this way of life, I will share my experience with you on Kosmos 9 in the following weeks. Continue reading

Vegetarian Butcher

The Hague’s Vegetarian Butcher just won the Triodos Hart-Hoofd Prize. Reason enough to have a look at the unique shop and the idea behind it.

De Vegetarische Slager is what the name says, a butcher without meat. How do we have to imagine it? Their idea is to dedicate a store to meat substitutes the way they are usually dedicated to meat. Continue reading

Day 4: Eating

The No Impact Week is getting tough: reduce the impact of your food choices. The motto is simple. Make it as vegan, local, organic and seasonal as possible!

And since tomorrow it is going to be even harder: reduce the energy consumption, it makes sense to think about how to combine the two things. Do you know how much fossil fuels are needed to produce your diet? Make the test “Is my lunch causing Global Warming?” to find out. Continue reading

What Happened So Far

From time to time it is good to look back and see what has changed since we last looked at a certain topic. So here are some updates on Kosmos 9 stories from the past:

Let us start with some very good news. Greenpeace did it! They have successfully convinced not only Puma and Nike but at last also adidas that it is better to detox. Remember when we talked about how the clothing industry is leaving our planet full of toxic substances? Continue reading