Kosmos 9 Drinks Water

Sportsmen are idols. But sportsmen are not always good examples. Some of them are. They probably drink water.

In the kind of sports I like – surfing, snowboarding, etc. – the guys and girls are cool. They wear clothes with big logos on it and drink energy drinks all day. Continue reading

The Price of Our Roses

We love to give away flowers on any occasion. What we know little about is where the flowers are coming from. A little investigation.

“It is not about legal or illegal anymore, it is about what is ethical and what is unethical”, a lady says when describing the companies producing flowers in Kenya. The heavy use of water of the industry Continue reading

Day 6: Water

The No Impact week is getting close to the end. It is time to save our most precious resource: water and to share our good spirit.

Do you still remember how much water you are wasting every day? Maybe it is time to re-take the test and check your water-footprint. The idea behind the test shows nicely how all the topics of the No Impact Week are interconnected: consumption, waste, transport and food are not only all directly causing a lot of energy consumption but are also high on water waste. Continue reading

World Wide Water

In Stockholm the 2011 edition of the World Water Week just came to an end. After the week long of talking, it is to hope that actions will follow.

The World Water Week is hosted by the¬†Stockholm International Water Institute. It brings together experts and leaders from the water sector to discuss and find solutions. This year’s edition was running under the title Continue reading

Top Drop

Two Women. Two pairs of skies. Five of the highest mountains of South America. And access to drinking water for thousands of people.

Two Swiss ski instructors take their love for nature as inspiration to take up the ultimate challenge: They will climb five mountains in South America of which the highest (Illimani in Bolivia) is 6435m in order to give a better living to people on the continent. Continue reading

Water Footprint

How much water do you use every day? If you do not know, make a quick test provided by National Geographic and find out.

The water footprint calculator is part of the Freshwater Initiative which aims to preserve the fresh water reserves we still have on the planet.

According to the test, I use 4194 litres of water a day. In spite of scoring much lower than average, the result is rather shocking. Another test by waterfrootprint.org estimates I use 1295 litres per day, which still seems a lot. Just to make sure, I also did a third test. Waterfootprintkemira.com says my daily use is around 3300 litres per day.

How come I can use that much by myself? The answer is that Continue reading


Let’s be honest: there are no unlimited resources of water. So we better keep the bit we have clean, right?

Greenpeace just launched a campaign to save water. The pollution of rivers, lakes and the sea has reached incredible levels and is influencing the health of people, animals and plants all over the world.

Especially water pollution by the different industries is not acceptable. They add tons and tons of heavy metals, solvents, toxic sludge and other waste into our waters. Continue reading

H to the O

The story of water is much more than just what you drink every day. But because you DO drink it every day, it is worth thinking about. Today: the water industry.

There are definitely some people out there who can explain the problem with water better than me, so please give this smart lady 8 minutes of your life: Continue reading