A World Livable for All

How about a world for everyone with no war, no hunger and a political system including everyone?

That’s more or less what the Barcelona Consensus is trying to create calling it a world livable for all. The basic document of the Consensus called Declaration 1.0 starts with the very true words: “The current global situation is unacceptable: it is structurally violent, Continue reading


Another World Is Possible

The idea is the same for the WEF and the WSF: shape globalization. While the first tries to impose it, the second creates it from below.

Every year, during the WEF in Davos, there is also an alternative summit – the World Social Forum –┬átaking place somewhere in the world. The goal of the WSF is to create a world where people matter more than profit. Continue reading

Food for You, Me and the Environment

So yesterday we had a little reminder of all the people out there who are starving. We also named some of the responsible for it.

Today, it’s time to look at a possible solution. One which can even solve many more problems we are facing in the world today. Continue reading