The Yes Men Save the Arctic

To change the world you need some good sense of humour – that’s what we learn from the Yes Men.

Their latest coup: exposing what Shell really is doing with our climate. Their fake Shell ads and videos are a successful prank on one of the most ruthless companies active today. Continue reading

Revolution According to Greenpeace

Greenpeace is positive by saying: “The Energy [R]evolution will pay off in savings and jobs”. Besides, it solves the problem of Climate Change.

Here in Spain more than 50% of young people are unemployed, a similar situation begins to show in other European areas. What we need is jobs – and green energy. Continue reading

What People Will be Killed for in This Century

What are the greatest dangers of our time? A new book by Harald Welzer tries to find out.

Apparently, the climate will play a big role in defining who lives and who dies in the future. In a summary in the Global Journal they describe Welzer as “a sociologist, measures climate change by the amount and extent of violence, as societies search for strategies to adapt to new realities.” The book, published in 2008 in German and now available in English looks deeper into these outbreaks of violence. Continue reading

The Sword of Damocles

Why Rio+20 will not solve the environmental challenges the international community is facing and why the Green Economy is not the solution.

We are currently living in a civilization that, as far as we can determine future risk, looks unsustainable” (Giddens 2010, p. 10). A look at the news confirms this: islands are disappearing, monsoon patterns are changing and deserts are growing. Pandora’s box has been opened. Solutions to this energy-environment conundrum exist. But hydropower-dams, biofuels and nuclear energy bring, according to my view, more harm than good. What we need are political solutions which accept and act upon the following: Continue reading

Oceans Going Sour

No fish, no corals and no dolphins. That’s what the future will look like if the increasing of the ocean’s acidification continues.

Ocean’s chemistry is seriously in danger thanks to man-made climate change. “Ocean acidification is associated with several massive extinctions of marine life in that period of Earth’s history, and now presents a growing threat”, timesunion reports. Continue reading

Modern Day Galilei

Do you remember the Galileo Affair? The whole story about if the Earth is the center or maybe just one more planet circling around the Sun?

If not, I can give you a more contemporary example of the same phenomenon. Global Warming skeptics react to science the way the Aristotelians and cleric people reacted to Galileo Galilei’s discoveries back then – with more than just disbelief. Nevertheless, we eventually learned that we really aren’t the center of the Universe, Continue reading

Melting Away.

Not only species are disappearing from our planet; so are certain incredible natural phenomena. An update on our world’s glaciers.

The largest ice cap in the tropics is Quelccaya in Peru. National Geographic says that “if it continues to melt at its current rate—contracting more than 600 feet (182.8 meters) a year in some places—it will be gone by 2100.” Continue reading

Global Disappearing

There are some people who simply cannot afford not to take Global Warming seriously. For example because their country might not exist any more in a very short time.

The documentary There once was an island tells the story of the Polynesian community of Takuu. “As a terrifying tidal flood rips through their already damaged home, the Takuu community experiences the devastating effects of climate change first hand.” This means that they have to take the hardest decision of their life: Continue reading