The Day I Decided to Change the World

Today is the day I realize: this world needs help and I can help it.  – A guest-post by Nutsmar Yuvasopee.

I’m one of those with a simple life: I wake up, I go to work. I party, I shop. That’s how life is here in Bangkok. It’s fast and it’s colourful. I do read the news, mostly online. But somehow I have never felt it’s my business – other people do things and other people who will solve the problems they talk about. The truth is: everything is very far away if you don’t let it in. Continue reading

Giving Time

Volunteering means giving away your time for free, voluntarily and for a beneficial cause. Do you know in which country people donate the most time?

Dressing ourselves as giant sharks and teaching children about the downsides of tuna industry is really just one of innumerable ways of investing your time into a good cause. Continue reading

The Business of Helping

Helping – why not spending your holidays somewhere in Africa doing good? Or maybe Haiti?

Voluntourism has become big business. People want to feel good about themselves and their holidays; besides, the so-called humanitarian work shows off well on CVs. Continue reading

Day 6: Water

The No Impact week is getting close to the end. It is time to save our most precious resource: water and to share our good spirit.

Do you still remember how much water you are wasting every day? Maybe it is time to re-take the test and check your water-footprint. The idea behind the test shows nicely how all the topics of the No Impact Week are interconnected: consumption, waste, transport and food are not only all directly causing a lot of energy consumption but are also high on water waste. Continue reading

Wear Used

Working in a second hand shop (thrift store) gives you all these amazing ideas like “Never buying new clothes again”.

Walking through the aisles of people’s give-away clothes makes you try on things you would have never thought about. Check this wonderful short introduction of the world of second-hand clothes by Jessi Arrington:

It is not just about having outstanding, funky and very individualized outfits. You are at the same time supporting a good cause. Continue reading