Another God that Failed

There’s nothing good about parents struggling to feed their children, thousands of families becoming homeless, about competent teachers loosing their jobs and teaching without books.

There’s nothing good about rising xenophobia (i. e. Golden Dawn in Greece) and public health care being suddenly only for some of the citizens. Continue reading

A World Livable for All

How about a world for everyone with no war, no hunger and a political system including everyone?

That’s more or less what the Barcelona Consensus is trying to create calling it a world livable for all. The basic document of the Consensus called Declaration 1.0 starts with the very true words: “The current global situation is unacceptable: it is structurally violent, Continue reading

Less Stuff, More Happiness

It’s all about “more” these days. Best if this “more” comes wrapped in lots and lots of plastic.

Why is it so hard to reduce the stuff we surrounded with? All the things laying around where we live, that accumulates everywhere and that never really seems to dissapear. Continue reading

Do you Eat Ethically?

“Behind the Kitchen door” is the story of the people who serve our food.

Better said it’s the story of the people of people working in the restaurant industry. Whoever has worked in a bar or restaurant knows that those jobs are of the hardest ones existing. But we are not aware that those people are often also exposed to discriminatory labor practices, exploitation, and unsanitary kitchens besides earning only a minimum wage (or lower). In These Times writes: “The restaurant industry is one of the few that has actually grown during the economic crisis.” Continue reading

It’s Only Yours if You Can Fix It

Reduce, reuse, recycle – but first repair!

This post is inspired by a series of podcasts by The Story of Stuff called “The Good Stuff”. Banning plastic bags, an 8 year old fighting KFC or how to reduce your waste at home are all nice topics but the newest issue of the podcast is what has most drawn me to listening. Continue reading

Doing it Right

Moving gives you an amazing opportunity to finally do all the things you wanted to. 

Our new life in Spain started yesterday and it makes me think about how wonderful it is to get a chance to start over. This time, we will try to do things right from the start.

You know how you always think: “I should really recylce more thoroughly” or “I should buy my groceries at the farmer’s market”. A new start gives you the opportunity to get these things right in the first place. Continue reading

The Way to Go

The Estonian city Tallinn is way ahead of the rest of the world: in 2013 it will be the first capital city with free public transport.

Free transport is a nice way of encouraging people to leave their cars at home – or even better, don’t buy a car. Continue reading

Pure Freedom

Free food, good music and no plastic – that’s cycle-lizing in Bangkok.

As promised, I visited the Cycle-lizing Bangkok Fest held on Saturday February 25 at Lumpini park. I learned that bikes are part of the Bangkok lifestyle and that cycling is the new socializing. Continue reading