The Young Are Still Waiting

20 years ago, this girl moved the whole world with her speech.

At the time, she was representing “a group of 12 and 13 year olds trying to make a difference” and I guess she did. She rememberably said: “I have no hidden agenda, I’m fighting for my future.” What happend to that girl? Continue reading

Education, what Education?

“Education is the biggest challenge facing human beings” in a race between “education and catastrophe”.

Inspired by the Youth, Skills and Work initiative I would like to think about what our youth needs to learn at school. Continue reading

A Generation of Changemakers

Dear Swiss people (and those closeby): do not miss this event. Euforia – a generation of changemakers – is organizing this year’s imp!act.

Imagine five days fully packed with action and information all around the idea of making a change. Euforia is following the idea that “you’re never too young to make a difference.” Continue reading

Word Power

I would like to talk about the revolutions going on all over the (Muslim) world today. But I will not say a word. Rather, I will let a young lady speak:

Ein Traum – Wahlkampf gave me goosebumps. It is somewhere between poetry slam and political utopia. Beautiful.

The video won the German competition “Poet gesucht! Muslimische Wortkunst aus der Republik 2011″ and collected young Muslim poetry artists from all over the nation.