What Do You Care

When a video like Kony 2012 goes viral, what does it show us?

Hopefully, it means that there is still some empathy left within our societies. Even if consumerism and individualism are taking its toll. But from time to time, we are still shaken and awaken by the things that go on in the world we live in. That kind of empathy, however, is becoming rare. Continue reading


Let’s Give a Damn

Today, the Argentinian LGBTQI community is celebrating. Life can be sometimes hard for them. Do you give a damn?

Walking around the Marcha del Orgullo – Gay Pride Parade – in Buenos Aires today I realized: all these people are living their problems behind, just for one day. Problems which do exist. More in the gay and lesbian community than elsewhere. More in Latin America than elsewhere. Continue reading

The Endless Summer

Kosmos 9 is off and on holiday. Which does not mean that there are no posts. But they are in holiday-mood as well.

We are off searching for wind and waves. Therefore I would like to introduce you today to the Surfrider Foundation. If you surf or practice any other water or soul sport, check it out! This is how they introduce themselves: Continue reading